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We all have those family stories we love to relive:

  • Your grandparents telling you about how they met

  • That hilarious story from when your dad was in high school

  • All of the details from the day you were born

And we assume we won't forget those stories.


Or that we'll sit down with our grandparents and ask them to tell us about their lives.


Or that we'll write them down "someday" (we're talking about that blank scrapbook in your closet). 

But we never actually do it. And we risk losing those stories forever—or at least a lot of the details that make them really special.

Family Legacy Recordings makes it easy to capture and preserve the stories, legacies, emotions, and voices of the people you love.


With high-quality audio and video files, you'll be able to keep your best stories forever so you can honor the past and inspire the future.

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

Why should I record my stories?

Humanity has a rich history of passing stories along orally.


Many of us grew up hearing our parents' or grandparents' favorite stories over and over and can probably recite them by heart. We draw strength and inspiration from the stories of those who have lived before us.

But like a lot of oral history over the years, key details have changed from storyteller to storyteller. Or the stories have eventually faded away.


Family Legacy Recordings believes in capturing not only the stories but also the people behind the stories—their voices, facial expressions, and their unique way of talking.

Through high-quality video and audio recordings, you can capture your family history and preserve it for yourself and for future generations.

Be your family's historian—
the future will thank you

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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