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Keep your stories forever

Capture your memories on video & audio

What's your story?

You're full of stories—events and memories that make you uniquely YOU.


But time has a way of fading those memories. And eventually, they'll be gone forever.


Family Legacy Recordings captures your stories so that you can pass them down to the next generation and beyond.

Couple in Nature

Recording your story:
the new family heirloom

What's the story you want to keep forever?​


Maybe you're a grandparent who wants to pass down your greatest stories to your kids and grandkids. Maybe you're a new parent who wants to document every detail of your baby's birth story before time fades the details. Or maybe there's another kind of story that's important to your family history that should be preserved forever.


Whatever the case, your loved ones want to hear it from you—your face, your voice, your story.

  • Your childhood mischief and teenage escapades

  • That experience that changed your life

  • The moment you knew you'd found "The One"

  • The story that always makes your family laugh—or cry

  • The play-by-play of your child's birth story

  • The best anecdotes from a lifelong career

How it works

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1. Do the prep work

Complete a questionnaire and schedule an initial 15-minute conversation with us.

2. Record your story

We'll capture your stories in a casual, conversational format.

3. Share your legacy

Your stories will be accessible to your loved ones forever in high-quality video and audio formats.

Ready to get started?

About Family Legacy Recordings

I’ve still got voicemails from my grandparents on my phone. I love having their voices saved forever.


But what I really wish I had were recordings of their voices telling me stories from their life.

That's why I started Family Legacy Recordings—to capture and preserve the stories, legacies, emotions, and voices of the people you love.


We all have a story, and we believe in the power behind those stories to honor the past and inspire the future.

— Sam Kleckley, founder of Family Legacy Recordings


Former Lt. Governor of South Carolina Nick Theodore after recording with Sam Kleckley

Image by Freddy Kearney
Image by Xavier Mouton Photographie
Father and Son
Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink
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